How to work with a LSP


Prior to arranging a LSP (Language Service Professional), it is important that you check the communication needs and preferences of the individual(s) involved.

When working with a BSL/English interpreter, please follow these guidelines:


  • Allow sufficient time into your agenda for the additional time taken when an interpreter is involved

  • Provide your interpreter with preparation material


  • Ensure the room being used for interpreting is as quiet as possible with good lighting

  • It is important that interpreters are clearly visible and placed against plain, uncluttered backgrounds

  • If you are using OHP or PowerPoint equipment, ideally the interpreter would be placed next to the projected information

  • It is advisable to give interpreters copies of PowerPoint material before the meeting for preparation

Basic rules


  • Speak at the pace and the volume which you would normally speak

  • Ensure that you direct your speech to the Deaf person

  • Allow the interpreter to take a break every half an hour for five minutes

Do not:

  • Do not talk over each other

  • Do not direct speech at the interpreter

  • Do not expect the Deaf person(s) to read and absorb BSL at the same time

  • Do not ask the BSL interpreter for any advice they are solely there to aid communication