Clin d'Oeil Festival weekend


On the weekend of the 7th - 9th July 2013, the bi-annual Clin d'Oeil Festival hosted their sixth festival to date, which brings them to their 10th Anniversary celebrations.  Zebra Uno's media team attended to make a documentary. The festival has become one of biggest deaf festivals around the world which everyone from England, Spain and America. This time the invited guest country was Japan. People attended to see variety of arts, theatre shows, poetry, dance, painting, sculptures, workshops, films along with the film awards.  Out of seven awards, four went to Britain. Best Actor: William Grint (Strangers), Best Actress: Jean St Clair (Still Here), Best Director: Brian Duffy (Strangers) and Best Film: Retreat (Ted Evans).

The media team has worked hard to capture everything they could to put into this documentary, which we are planning to screen for next year Deaffest 2014; however they did also manage to enjoy themselves. 

Matthew quotes: 'This festival is my second time, the last time I went to have a look around and experience the deaf festival outside Deaffest and it was enjoyable. Compared to last time, well I was working but it was more, it was bigger with lots of entertainment as well as people.'

Jack quotes: 'It was amazing, experience, good vibe at the time I've spent at the festival weekend in Clin d'Oeil.

The place was wonderful, Many people from around the world was brilliant, the events of art, dance, performances and film awards was just epic and also the Deaf Party was like a mini Deaf Glastonbury!' 


Here are the facts about Festival Clin d'Oeil (Thank you Press Relation for the report)


3 days: 1356

2 days: 599

1 day: 637

Children's workshops (with accommodation): 113

Children's workshops (without accommodation): 39

Pass Stand: 29

Press Pass: 57

Deaf Party, Out Pass (pass allows for everything to go Deaf party): 322


Total public: 3152




Exhibitors: 40

Directors: 23

Artists: 179

Moderators: 22

Cast: 21

Jury: 4

Driver: 15

Security: 18

Guests: 2

Partners: 31

Volunteers: 119


Total Internal: 474



The 2013 Festival Clin d'Oeil Award Ceremony has been a huge success.  The jury members were: Marc Peploe, Bruno de Keyzer, David Kurs, Roger Vass.

Here are the 6 prizes:

Best Film: "Retreat", from Ted Evans GB

Best Filmmaker/Director: Brian Duffy, for "Strangers" GB

Best Actor: William Grint (Christopher in "Strangers") GB

Best Actress: Jean St Clair (Ruby in "Still Here") GB

Best Animation: "Starship Titanic" RUS

Best Special Effects: "Le Portrait" FR